Reserve your spot today for $200 (Non-Refundable). Monday - Friday 3:30pm - 8:00pm This 4-week course is designed to prepare students to obtain nursing assistant certification in the State of Wisconsin. This course meets all current requirements established by the State of Wisconsin and includes lectures, labs, and theory as well as clinical experience.
  • Through lectures, videos, and lab practices students will learn skills such as bathing, dressing, positioning, and vital signs.
  • The CNA training course will prepare students to provide quality care in hospitals and long-term care facilities.
The classes we offer move fast. It is imperative that students who enroll in these classes have basic math skills and at least a 9th-grade reading & English language level to give themselves the best chance at successfully completing the courses. As stated, this creates the best opportunity to pass our courses, but we cannot guarantee anyone passes them. If you do not have the basic math skills and/or reading/English language levels, we highly recommend you seek services elsewhere to bring them up to at least a 9th-grade level before beginning our courses. Reservation payments for classes are non-refundable. Payment for the balance of the course instruction is due in full on the first day of the scheduled class. You can reschedule your class up to six months from your initial class date, but you must do so in writing at least 10 days BEFORE your class is scheduled to begin. If you do not reschedule or do not take your class within the six-month period, you will not be allowed to schedule a new class and your payments for your class are forfeit.  Finally, if you are terminated for violations of class or clinical policies, terminate yourself from your class or clinical, or fail to pass class or clinical, please be aware no refund will be issued.